Kindred The Family Soul


Kindred (a/k/a Kindred the Family Soul) are as famous for their highly successful marriage as they are for their highly successful music careers. The couple and bandmates are the exemplification of “staying power” when it comes to music and love. The soulful husband and wife duo consists of vocalists Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon.

Already a fixture on the Philadelphia Neo Soul music scene, Graydon and Dantzler were introduced to Steve McKeever, CEO/Founder of Hidden Beach Recordings in 2000. The introduction happened while they were performing at the Black Lily Showcase in Philly. That introduction was spearheaded by none other than fellow Philadelphian, Jill Scott.

Impressed by the young couple’s talent and themes of love, family and togetherness, McKeever signed the duo and took them from local fame to global fame.

In 2003 the debut album for Kindred the Family Soul was released to critical acclaim and commercial success. The album, “Surrender to Love” hit the Billboard charts and spawned the popular songs, “Far Away” and “Stars.” Graydon and Dantzler were nominated for a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album, Group Band or Duo.

Graydon started in the music industry at just 14 years of age, and Dantzler at 15. Dantzler worked as a music producer for popular 90’s R&B group, Bell, Biv, Devoe, and Graydon was was signed to music label, Delicious Vinyl, as an artist. The two were introduced to one another via the production camp for The Roots. As teens, Graydon and Dantzler started working together––Dantzler producing a solo project for Graydon. However, during the creative collaboration, sparks of everlasting romance erupted. Before long, the two were married with a child. As a family, they decided to rekindle their music career as the group, Kindred the Family Soul.


Today, Graydon and Dantzler are still happily married, recording and performing, and raising six beautiful children together. PRESS PLAY on Kindred