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Who Is Jill Scott?

In 2000, we made it our impassioned mission for the world to find out exactly who Jill Scott was and is––and OMG––did they ever. Hidden Beach Recordings is still proud and honored to have introduced the quintessential voice of Philadelphia Neo-Soul.

Debut Single ‘LEAVE’ by Phat Yaki


If you love Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars and those putting non-digitally-modified music back on the map, you’re about to love the sonic stylings of bandmates Lazer, Jon, Ethan and Josh.

Unwrapped Vol. 8 (The Chicago Sessions)

With the “Windy City” being in the national headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately, Hidden Beach founder, Steve McKeever, a native Chicagoan, was inspired to show another side of the city that produced him — “the soundtrack of summer,” Unwrapped Volume 8: The Chicago Sessions.

BeBe Winans ‘ Black Lives Matter’

Benjamin “BeBe” Winans needs no introduction. We are always proud to partner with this six-time Grammy Award winning icon. And when we do, rest assured it is to make a socially conscious mark upon the world. Our latest alliance with BeBe is a powerful, heartfelt single called, “Black Lives Matter.”

Guest Artists 2000 – 20023

I love to make a lot of noise about great musicians who are making great music. We’re not here simply to create good music for the vanity of creating good music. We believe in creating music that sounds good, but that also does good — for the community, for humanity.


Steve McKeever

[Founder | Hidden Beach Recordings]

Hidden Beach’s internship program not only launched us, it launched countless music industry careers. It put many of today’s music industry executives, power-brokers and key leaders on the map. The program has been such a success that we’ve decided to refresh it for an encore. It’s one of our most powerful ways of paying it forward.

Who Is Jill Scott

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Guardians of Soul

Paying homage to the architects of soul is a consistent mandate for us.





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