What We Believe

Our Founding and Guiding Philosophies


1. We believe that we are in the “Miracle” business. The ability to capture the essence and passion of an artist and preserve it for generations to come is a special privilege, which we consider an immense honor and responsibility to participate in.


2. We believe that far too often artists and record labels alike attempt to make music “for radio.” We believe this takes away from the purity of the art form and cheats the artist, the label, the consumer, and ironically, radio itself. The Hidden Beach artist is encouraged to stay true to their inner soul and emotional center. We believe this is the only way to build a career and create music that will last over time.


3. We believe that honest, genuine “Word of Mouth” is the most powerful marketing tool available. Therefore, we take pride in paying careful attention to delivering the absolute highest quality music and entertainment experience to the consumer. An individual’s appreciation for a particular type of music or artist is an intensely personal experience. To the listener, either music is good or it’s not, and we respect everyone’s opinion.


4. We believe the music lover who enjoys the Hidden Beach sound and encourages his or her friends to check us out is our most effective and respected marketing partner. This type of support is priceless and cannot be purchased.


5. We believe that being “soulful” is not about the color of your skin but the content of your character. Soul is a way of life – a culture, a community, a lifestyle, and the legacy of soul music and soul culture should be celebrated, respected and preserved.


6. We believe in giving artists the creative freedom to try new genres of musical styles. We believe that an artist’s creative ability ultimately suffers if not allowed the room to grow and evolve. For example, the amount and quality of Stevie Wonder’s unreleased jazz, gospel, rock, and country music would amaze the world. Despite the material (some 30 albums) we have enjoyed from him over the years, we still have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Why not a jazz album from Stevie, a gospel album from Ramsey Lewis or a salsa album from Sting? We believe an artist must be given this freedom to create if the world is to appreciate the fullness of their genius.


7. We believe in the power and magic of live shows and showcasing artists who embrace the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We believe that there is no substitute for the “magic” created when an artist connects with a live crowd, each feeding off of the other and together creating something new and exciting. An artist’s ability to share a raw emotional experience with a willing audience is one of the true highs in the entertainment industry.


8. In this vein, we also seek to introduce younger music fans to the thrill of enjoying real artists perform real music. We do not believe that the power of live performance is a lost art form and we seek to help a new generation of music lovers discover this experience.


9. We believe artists are blessed with a divine gift and have an unwritten duty to share it with the world. We also believe it is our responsibility as a music company to locate the “cream of the crop” in the artistic community and bring their “gifts” to the public.


10. We believe that people don’t just stop liking music once they’ve turned a certain age. We believe, in many cases, they feel they’ve stopped having music to like. As a consequence of this these people no longer visit record stores. Therefore, we seek to serve this huge market of discriminating consumers who often find themselves lost in today’s music scene.