The “Thankful” Playlist: A Musical Feast for the Soul:

The “Thankful” Playlist: A Musical Feast for the Soul:

As Thanksgiving approaches, there’s a collective hum in the air. A harmony that resonates with gratitude and reflection. To elevate the spirit of thankfulness, Hidden Beach Recordings has unveiled a musical masterpiece that goes beyond the traditional.

Welcome to the world of “UNWRAPPED Thankful”, a curated playlist designed to be the soundtrack of your gratitude-filled moments.

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The “Thankful” Playlist: A Musical Feast for the Soul:

What sets the Thankful playlist apart is its ability to capture the essence of gratitude in diverse musical genres. From soulful R&B to jazzy interludes, each track has been meticulously chosen to create a sonic journey that mirrors the multifaceted nature of thankfulness.

Hidden Beach Recordings: A Legacy of Timeless Tunes:

Before we delve into the enchanting sounds of “Thankful”, let’s take a moment to appreciate the legacy of Hidden Beach Recordings. Known for fostering artists who defy musical boundaries, Hidden Beach has consistently delivered soul-stirring tunes that stand the test of time. From Jill Scott’s poetic verses to the smooth melodies of Kindred The Family Soul, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in the music industry.

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Key Tracks to Illuminate Your Thanksgiving:

“Lovely Day” – Jill Scott:

Embark on a musical journey with Jill Scott’s “Lovely Day.” This soulful track is an uplifting song that encapsulates the warmth and positivity of a beautiful day. With smooth vocals and a mellow rhythm, Jill Scott’s rendition infuses the classic Bill Withers song with her unique style.


“Life Goes On” – Naturally 7:

Beautifully exhibits a soulful and reflective track that navigates the ebbs and flows of life. Known for their innovative a cappella style, Naturally 7 seamlessly blends harmonious vocals with rhythmic beats, creating a captivating musical experience.


“Thank You” – Bebe Winans:

offers you a chance to feel a heartfelt and soulful expression of gratitude and appreciation. The song is a melodic testimony of the artist’s acknowledgment of the blessings and positive influences in his life. Bebe Winans’ smooth and emotive vocals, combined with the uplifting lyrics, create a musical atmosphere that is both reflective and celebratory.


“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong:

is a timeless classic that paints a vivid picture of the beauty and goodness found in the world. With Louis Armstrong’s iconic gravelly voice, the song exudes warmth and optimism. The lyrics celebrate the simple pleasures of life, from the beauty of nature to the joy of human connections 


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our “Thankful” playlist is a shared experience—a musical bridge that connects us through the universal language of melody. Whether you’re gathered with loved ones, embarking on a solo reflection, or simply enjoying the day, let the tunes we’ve curated be the backdrop to your moments of gratitude.

As you prepare to give thanks this Thanksgiving, let our “Thankful” playlist  be your musical companion. A tapestry of soulful sounds, poetic lyrics, and timeless classics, this playlist is more than music; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the art of gratitude.

So, press play, savor the melodies, and let the music amplify the joy of thanksgiving. 🎶🍁🙏

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