Sunny Hawkins

It is with very heavy hearts that we have learned of Sunny Hawkins’ passing. Making her transition last week, this gifted mother of 6 was a talented writer, singer, performer, and most importantly, an inspiring spirit. Our hearts and prayers go out to her entire family during this difficult time. We are sending warm energy to her remarkable and talented husband, Jamie Hawkins who has lost his life partner and must now help steer the lives of his children ranging from 3-14 without his co-captain. Sunny’s time at Hidden Beach, as one of the remarkably gifted artists signed to Still Waters, remains a special period for the company. Like her family, we are proud that Sunny was able to leave, as a gift to us all, the lessons and inspiration jam-packed into her only solo album “More Than Us”.


Our goal from inception at Hidden Beach was to help play a role in the preservation of honest emotions and the true spirit of an artist. In essence, putting special moments, music, and messages in a time capsule preserved for humanity for the rest of time. Sunny was able to accomplish this and her advice and testimony is contained on “More Than Us” as evidence. Ironically, her record has been on repeat in the office as we were introducing new employees to the catalog. To learn of her untimely passing is a shock that has yet to wear off a week after learning of this loss.  I’ve been comforted by being able to listen to her work which she and all of us, were, and remain so proud. We were excited at the time of its release and that this work would outlive Sunny and everyone involved in its making. 


Like Sunny we have faith in a higher power but it feels Sunny was taken from this earth far too soon and are still processing this loss. Sunny seemed to have no doubt  and made it so clear and self-evident that she had complete faith in the Lord and his ultimate wisdom. For those who knew Sunny will not be surprised to learn that her husband reports that Sunny maintained her strong faith till the very end. This faith was the central theme in “More Than Us”. In moments of doubt questioning how could she be taken, it has been comforting to hear the assurity of her faith sung with such passion on every note in every song. 


Sunny will be missed and our hearts go out to her family. For fans of Sunny, the family has set up a GoFundMe. Here is the link.

It is no wonder that some of the biggest names in music––Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Deborah Cox, Ray Charles and others––have called upon Sunny Hawkins for background vocal support during their careers. Sunny’s amazing talent has summoned her to stages all over America, including a year on Broadway as the lead performer in the famed musical, Rent. This singer-songwriter has even written hits for Aretha Franklin (“The Only Thing” – 2003) and Patti LaBelle (“Good Lovin” – 2004).


As a solo recording artist, Hawkins is one of the most diversely talented vocalists you will ever hear. Infusing Soul, Jazz, Rock and Pop––with lyrics so inspirational, they could command a Sunday morning choir––Hawkins brings freshness, flawless vocals and originality to every song that she records. Her voice fiercely excites the soul as quickly as it heals the heart. In one song, her vocal performance will rocket you to the stratosphere in an enormous blast of sound, then nestle you in its arms like a warm and gentle mother. Sunny does magical things that few vocalists can. 


This seasoned pro started her musical journey at two years of age. An Oakland, California native, Sunny began singing as a toddler at Love Center Ministries in the Bay Area. As the goddaughter of gospel greats Walter and Tremaine Hawkins, her tiny footsteps seemed ordered. Hawkins grew up in a talent incubator that is unrivaled. Sunny married famed producer and musical director, Jamie Hawkins, Walter and Tremaine’s son, who has music credits with Jodeci, Donnell Jones, MC Hammer, Boyz II Men and Lauren Hill. 


Sunny’s music is pure encouragement to those who have fallen low, those who are facing challenges or those simply in need of a lift to their day. She is a gifted woman of faith and an uncompromising evangelist for devotional love. PRESS PLAY on Sunny Hawkins