Grid, Hidden Tracks

Still Here

Dedicated music fans and audio obsessives will always remember certain things about the era when CD’s were absolutely thriving. You have to make sure the back of your favorite CD didn’t scratch, and if you were really about this music thing, you had to have the prized booklet, with all the covers placed in working order, not a wrinkle or smudge in sight. But one of the most prized aspects of that experience was a special thing that got music heads excited every single time: the hidden track.


Imagine: you bought the new CD from an artist that you’re either a fan of or at least curious about. You turn the album on while you are going about your day oh, and the whole thing is jamming. In fact, the CD was so good that you let it keep playing after it seems to be done. Silence goes on for a while, while your CD player is still going… and then it happens. A whole new song starts to come on, and you realize the artist isn’t done with you yet. Totally by surprise, here comes another jam.


As we all know, time moves on while music formats continue to change and evolve. For example, the changing of CD’s over to mp3’s, and then to streaming, has changed the nature of experiencing hidden tracks. But as much as things change, they also stay the same. And one thing that never changes is, a good song is a good song.


It’s this type of thinking that got Hidden Beach Recordings CEO Steve McKeever thinking about the hidden treats that the label has tucked away throughout their catalog of seminal and beloved albums and releases. Many of these gems have existed in secret, away from the enjoyment of potential fans and listeners. So in lieu of exposing these jams to the music community at large, Hidden Beach presents a collection of the unburied treasures that until now were waiting for you as hidden tracks on many of your favorite artist releases.


Jill Scott’s exclusive track “Still Here” is a prime example, offering inspirational vibes that are ideal for the challenges facing the country, and by extension, the world today. You’ll also hear additional hidden tracks by Jill, Darius Rucker with his soul-stirring solo acoustic ballad “10 Years”, Kindred The Family Soul, and more.


This series is ideal for the music lover in us that wants a little something extra, a little something special, a little something hidden. Enjoy.