Phat Yaki Live

Phat Yaki


“If you don’t want my love you can LEAVE” – Phat Yaki

If you love Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars and those putting non-digitally-modified music back on the map, you’re about to love the sonic stylings of bandmates Lazer, Jon, Ethan and Josh. This fun squad of crazy-talented showmen are making serious waves on the music scene with a brand new record deal in hand. Four of the dopest young musicians you’ll find in these LA streets. They go by the unforgettable name: Phat Yaki.

In this age of youth activism, yoga and vegan burgers, fans crave more than high-gloss, electronic driven sounds to crush their latest TikTok dances. A whole new generation has begun looking for some organic, handcrafted vibes to feel something real. And ‘the phat yak’ is all about that. These Southern California natives have joined forces to create a vibe that can’t be made on a smartphone app. Phat Yaki is about free-range music that is raw and real.