Peter Black


Describing Peter Black never was and never will be and easy thing to do. Like geniuses anywhere, he was an enmeshment of beautifully complicated layers. For the lucky––in our industry and out––who saw Peter’s genius up-close and at-work, the sentiments were always the same:  “Anomaly.” “Musical genius.” “Mind-blowing.” “Misunderstood.” “Beautiful.” “Tortured.” “One of a kind.” And alas, “Gone too soon.” 


Hidden Beach is eternally honored to have had the opportunity to work with Peter Black. Regardless of your genres of usual preference, we hope that his works of art will reign at the top of your playlists for years. 


If you love music as deeply as we do, you know it is never about fanfare, number of Grammys, records sold or how many weeks dominating the top of the Billboard charts. These are simply not qualifiers for whom we consider “quintessential artists” or whose songs mean everything to us. For you, I and us––the true music connoisseur––simply––it is about the music. About someone who can make us deeply feel something when our hearts have become cold and numb. Someone who can perfectly express our innermost emotions and turmoil, through beautiful melody and song. Someone who can make us feel that we are not completely alone on this often, lonely planet.


Rugged, raw and “perfectly imperfect,” Peter’s sound has a rare realness amidst today’s overly produced, glam and glossy sounds. With Black, we get to hear a man, his music, his message and no barriers in-between. It’s simply, “Brilliant.” PRESS PLAY on Peter Black