Naturally 7 Love Story

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Naturally 7 Love Story

The soulful and heartwarming melody of ‘Love Story’ is a standout track on the Christmas album, Christmas: A Love Story, providing an uplifting listening experience.The album, consisting of festive melodies and featuring the sweet serenades of the talented group Naturally 7, is a perfect addition to the holiday season.

We hope that you will add the song and other holiday tunes by Naturally 7, which include beloved holiday classics, to your family’s playlist.

Naturally 7 Reviews

“Yet again an exellent album,amazing how they do all the instruments with there voices,absolutly brillient. play it all the time in my car.” –  Mr. R. G. Ball (Amazon)

“Their harmony is amazing and I love their originality; their interpretations of the classic Christmas carols. Completely enjoy this CD!” – Old Lucky (Amazon)