An internship for the student who loves music!


At the core of Steve McKeever and HBE’s system of beliefs is the mentoring of young people, with the intention of cultivating the next generation of music tastemakers.

Established in 1999, The Program,” HBE’s internship experience, has been the realization of that belief. HBE has sought out motivated students around the globe who are passionate about the soulful side of the music. For over a decade, The Program has mentored hundreds of young people from 5 different continents.

HBE Interns are an integral and important part of the HBE family and The Program creates a unique opportunity for both interns and HBE employees. While the intern is exposed to all departments within an entertainment company, our employees are able to remain informed regarding youth trends.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to find and develop outstanding young people and mentor them in all aspects of business. We look forward to hearing from you. APPLY NOW