Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The song, often played in the festive season, reflects the nostalgic and heartwarming sentiments associated with Christmas time. Its lyrics convey the warmth, happiness and good wishes associated with the holiday season, expressing hope for joy and togetherness despite life’s ups and downs. The message is one of cherishing what is most important during this special time of year: friends, family, and love.

The songs presented here go beyond the traditional festive tunes that depict a mother kissing Santa Claus. Rather, they possess the ability to awaken your spirit of devotion and reignite your authentic Christmas cheer.

Bebe Winans’ Christmas melodies bring forth a joyous and festive ambiance of the holiday season.

“If I could give this CD 6 stars I definitely would! A total classic and must-have in your home to play all through the holydayz. I had several songs on repeat continually. Bebe is a staple at Christmastime at my old church in Brooklyn and never disappoints. These are not just nice Christmasy songs about mommy kissing Santa Claus, they will inspire you to worship and rekindle your true Christmas joy!”  – PeeTee (Amazon)

“I don’t listen to Gospel music, but thoroughly enjoy BeBe’s cross-over style and own many of his CDs. He has definitely put his special touch on these Christmas songs with wonderful arrangements and help from the choir. I would recommend buying this CD.” – NJ2NC (Amazon)