About the Artist

Born in Chicago, IL, Frayne started piano early and percussion in high school. As a singer/songwriter, he blends harmonies with beats inspired by his surroundings, creating a mix of pop, rock, and hip-hop. Embracing authenticity, he invites listeners into his world, The Good Vibez Universe. Teaming up with A-list producer Kosine (Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Rihanna), Frayne elevates his urban/alt/pop sound. Onstage, he delivers high-energy performances, aiming to impact lives through music.

Song Description

“Take it Easy” is a heartfelt exploration of love’s complexities and the freedom discovered through letting go. The song vividly paints emotional evolution, paralleling it with seasonal changes. The refrain, “I always outgrow you in the summertime,” illustrates moving beyond relationships unable to withstand passion. Frayne Vibez grapples with expectations and parting ways, symbolized by “adding, subtracting” in relationships. The song advocates self-care, prioritizing personal well-being over unfulfilled love. It emphasizes reclaiming autonomy with lines like “Rather be alone than hit your line.” Overall, it’s a poetic journey through love and self-discovery, offering solace.