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Available December 4, 2012

When George Lucas wrote Star Wars he knew that it was far more story than could be easily contained in one movie. Much is the same with the Peter Black saga. Far too unbelievable and dramatic to be adequately contained in this small confine of liner notes. From the fourteen years I have personally seen this story unfold I would argue Peter Black’s book of his life would make a fascinating novel leaving the reader unable to put it down.

Like Stevie Wonder and Prince before him, Peter is a talented multi- instrumentalist playing all sounds generated on these recordings. He is one of the most prolific songwriter, producer, musician I’ve ever encountered. Several hearing his works over the years have thrown out that too often used title of “Genius” to describe Peter’s creations. I believe the “Genius” title is very appropriate in this case.

Like many geniuses, from chess champion Bobby Fischer to musical wunderkind’s like Mozart, all is not easy on the head that wears such a crown. Peter’s life has been far from easy and contains chapters of disturbing abuse, abandonment, alcoholism and betrayal. While all of the extraordinary obstacles mentioned here (more have followed) in Peter’s life all greeted him during his childhood.

This extraordinary life and Peter’s extraordinary resiliency and ability to survive monumental setbacks that would easily cripple a person with less strength have made their way into a shared therapy in the form of Peter’s music. The adversity and other issues Peter has faced in his life have made for a rich tapestry of sounds, words and emotions. I believe his music saved his life.

Hopefully the lessons and healing vibrations will be felt by those that listen to some of the very personal and bravely shared musical stories offered by Peter on this disc.


—Steve McKeever

What do you all think about this project?


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