Internship Program

Hidden Beach is one of those “impossible dreams” made possible––truly an American success story in the classical sense. I can’t attribute it to pure ingenuity nor random luck. However, I can certainly say this: our successes were made possible by a lot of great people along our 20 year journey. Far too many to name here. And we are extremely thankful to you all. Yet, there is a very special thanks due to all who participated in our renowned internship program. You guys were––and are––incredible. Hidden Beach’s internship program not only launched us, it launched countless music industry careers. It put many of today’s music industry executives, power-brokers and key leaders on the map. The program has been such a success that we’ve decided to refresh it for an encore. It’s one of our most powerful ways of paying it forward.


Internship is an invaluable way to get real world experience while establishing a track-record in industries that are traditionally hard to crack. Our internship program attracted passionate mentees from all over the globe, including participants from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and Japan. Anyone meeting our qualifications––looking for a smart start in the business––was welcomed. The main qualifiers were:


1. The right attitude
2. A healthy work ethic
3. A passion for good music.


It’s the same today. If you’re young, talented, inspired, and looking to shape tomorrow’s music business, reach us for an internship application. There’s no better way to build your future.




See you at the top,
Steve McKeever
[Founder | Hidden Beach Recordings]