After painstakingly assuring that we had what we believed to be a perfect sonically exquisite master to produce the 20th anniversary Who Is Jill Scott? vinyl record (it was, and still is), we have learned that a percentage of the vinyl produced was created with small defects. Not all discs are bad but we are heartbroken that ANY of this remarkable album has defects. Heartbroken. The bad discs seem to be most easily identified by a small percentage of the initial discs produced which were erroneously stickered with “Side 3” on both labels and on both sides of the second disc. More troubling, however, is that some of the records, apparently even including some without repeated Side 3 labeling problem, have been reported to have some scratches on “Side 3” as well. The remastered audio product used in production, created by the original mastering engineer Herb Powers, was flawless and checked countless times. I am particularly crestfallen about the issues with the problem disc because I was overwhelmed with excitement listening to the initial test pressings. I didn’t particularly count myself as a vinyl aficionado before this remastered recording, but Herb Powers’ mastering for vinyl completely converted me, and I told all that would listen that I thought it sounded warmer and even better, if possible, than the original CD. Quite simply, I was blown away. The source product is stunning and when properly pressed on vinyl will convert others to the format. Thankfully, not all the discs produced present problems but we will not be satisfied until everyone has a disc that sounds exactly like the great remastered audio which is it’s source. I want everyone to have that same experience as I do listening to the master and we are working furiously to correct this problem with the manufacturer.

We created the company to make the highest QUALITY recordings— both spiritually (by capturing the soul of the performers) and technically (by partnering with only the finest technicians). We will use this as a learning experience and continue forward with this mission. —Steve McKeever, CEO & Founder