Bruce Rucker

Stunned. Everyone at Hidden Beach is stunned and simply in a state of disbelief at the transition of Bruce Rucker. Other than me, no one has spent more time at the company. Starting as our receptionist during the our early days near the turn if the century, was the face, spirit, and smile that greeted everyone visiting. He was the first voice heard when anyone called. During his over twenty-year association, Bruce grew into the role of company historian, archivist, and storefront manager. He was a fountain of ideas and just this week he was so excited about implementing some new programs that he was spearheading. Most of all, Bruce was simply excited.

Everyone who knows Bruce knows he was passionate about his bikes, passionate about his Lakers, passionate passionate about his children, passionate about his siblings, but most of all, he was passionate about life and people. He had a vast network of friends and he made everyone around him feel good.

I first met Bruce as a young Motown employee over 30 years ago. His effect on that company was the same infectious spirit that he spread everywhere he went. From his neophyte days in the music business to his senior statesman, wise-man counseling time that he shared with the newcomers, EVERYONE LOVED BRUCE!

One of the most humble and likable souls on the planet, It feels unfair to have his exit happen now when people like Bruce are exactly what the world needs more of. I never heard Bruce use harsh words towards another (even in those times when I suspect he may have wanted to do so). It wasn’t in his nature and he was a magnetic example because of it. Bruce never carried a chip on his shoulder, let any of life’s trials or tribulations affect his demeanor, or ever let them put a cloud on his sunny disposition. Anyone blessed to come in contact with Bruce, or better yet, know him as a friend, was able to learn firsthand how everyone should live: not sweating the small stuff and embracing everything with appreciation.

There are really no words to describe the mammoth impact Bruce has had on so many and the enormous hole he leaves behind. The biggest hole is in my heart and I know in the hearts of so many. He will be sorely, sorely missed.

Prayers and condolences to his family, especially his three children. A world without our beloved Hidden Beach family member, Bruce Rucker, is incomprehensible.

Steve McKeever
Friend and Founder Hidden Beach Recordings