Lina first came on to the scene as a songwriter in 1998, before venturing out and beginning her singing career in 2001. Lina uniquely fused swing, jazz, pop, and R&B in the music she created and caught the attention of Hidden Beach Recordings, where she went to release her second album, The Inner Beauty Movement. Released in June 2005 she garnered critical acclaim both domestically and internationally, including a rare 5-star review in major international press.

"In 2004, Lina moved to up-and-coming urban adult label Hidden Beach, which has recently made a name for itself with intelligent, offbeat adult soul artists such as Jill Scott. Lina's Hidden Beach debut, the adult-oriented The Inner Beauty Movement, was released in June, 2005, several months after its initial single, "Come to Mama," hit radio. True to her genre-bending ways, Lina continues on the new disc to ambitiously combine elements of various contemporary and past styles, with mixed results. She's especially fond of early swing sounds of the 1920-30s and mixes them with modern beats and sensibilities. While these arrangements are interesting, they occasionally -- especially when combined with her high pitched, sometimes pouty voice -- come off as rather gimmicky and take away from what is really an excellent bunch of compositions.

In our homogenous Mc-processed hip-hop musical world, it is difficult to criticize an artist who is doing something as different as The Inner Beauty Movement, so I'll applaud Lina for showing a unique, individual style,even though I don't think it always works. And despite my misgivings about some of the album's arrangements, The Inner Beauty Movement leaves little question that Lina is an extremely talented and courageous singer/songwriter who should make some waves with this disc for all the right reasons". - By Chris Rizik