Searching for Angie Fisher

What more can one say about Hidden Beach Recording Artist Angie Fisher and her incredible vocal talent? She leaves you speechless, It only takes one note. One bar. One song. And you’ll be hooked!

That’s all it took for Hidden Beach Recordings CEO Steve McKeever, who launched the career of Grammy Award winner Jill Scott, to sign the next game-changing voice. Music fans first heard Fisher’s spellbinding voice for themselves on that song, the now Grammy-nominated “I.R.S.,” when it was played on Stevie Wonder’s KJLH-FM radio in Los Angeles June 2014.

“I.R.S.” embodies a subject everyone can relate to: struggling to make ends meet. But in Fisher’s hands, the topic takes on a new meaning as her gritty, throbbing vocals wrenchingly etch the challenges many of us face on a daily basis. “2000 bucks would save my life,” Fisher belts out against a spare, bluesy R&B track written by B. Slade and produced by Ro and Sauce from the hit-making R&B group Somethin’ for the People.

Then: “200 bucks would ease the pain / The I.R.S. is on my case / But I refuse to let them make me go insane.” Calling to mind such signature voices as Etta James and Janis Joplin, Fisher saves the best for last when she effortlessly sustains a high note at song’s end that must be heard to be believed. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle.

“I have a whole lot to say through soulful music that comes from my heart,” she says. “I want people to feel everything I sing.” She holds true to promise, following “I.R.S.” with an onslaught of hits that make it hard to choose only one favorite. On Searching, the jazzy, co-penned “Hide & Seek” (w/BSlade – “I.R.S.”) keeps you swaying, with each harmonious shift, including the count down in a quest for her prospective love.