sidney poitier

RIP Sidney Poitier

Hidden Beach is so saddened to hear of Sidney Poitier’s passing and would love to share a few words from our CEO, Steve Mckeever:

“I was friends with Mr. Poitier. I loved him. I will never forget the remarkable 4hr monthly lunches where he unselfishly shared life advice with love and compassion. Being around Mr. P was one of my life’s greatest honors and I will never forget the wisdom and example that naturally flowed from him as effortlessly as a human breathes. Mr. P. used his time on this planet to elevate ALL OF US. His contributions to the image of people of color in particular was a lifelong passion and he was very concerned about who would carry his torch. He felt folks like his dear friend, Wren Brown (our luncheon organizer and one of Sidney’s best friends) were unfortunately far and too few between. I hope that his passing leads to a spotlight on his life and opportunity for discovery for new generations of image crafters and artists to be inspired by his extraordinary example and leads them to decide to continue to walk the path he so brilliantly blazed.” #restinpeace