Welcome to our new BETA website!!

We’re very appreciative that you found us.  If you’ve been here before, we appreciate your patience as our former site’s functionality (or our past internal regular practice) did not do justice in quickly delivering to you our fresh and exciting new content.  As a result, some tremendous work was only seen by those lucky enough to be involved in the creation process.  As we work towards giving you a lot more of the honest, emotion-infused studio and live performances, creative writing and artwork we’ve made it our mission to bring to you, we have designed this new beta site with features that will make it easier to sample and experience some of the best of the best we are committed to bringing to you as the magic here is actually created.  For example, the new section IN THE OVEN is a place where we will be putting up in real time the meals we are preparing as we cook ’em. Check it out!  Thanks for visiting. Hey, we would love to know what you think. Click here to let us know your thoughts so we can constantly improve this experience for you. We also would love to know what you think of some of the projects we’ve got brewing. Stay tuned and come back for more as we work through this BETA phase.
All the best,