The Unwrapped Series grew out of a jam session among talented musicians, to recordings intended for use at Hidden Beach events only, to a DJ hearing the production and demanding vinyl copies, to a 7 album deep series backed by a music-loving, faithful following.  The Unwrapped concept has been unmatched by anyone who has tried to duplicate its sound over the years and it only continues to evolve. As we celebrate 15 years of Real Artists and Real Music, Hidden Beach Recordings is now Hidden Beach Experiences and the journey we embarked on years ago continues as we celebrate the journey from Jazz to Hip-Hop with the highly anticipated upcoming release of Unwrapped Volume 8.   Additionally, Unwrapped LIVE! events are being curated across the country where the classic Unwrapped sound collides with the electric energy of the Unwrapped Band to create a quality live music experience for loyal fans, new fans, and the “orphaned consumer” Hidden Beach sets out to serve.