Monday’s Moods.

Vol. 2

Welcome to Monday’s Moods, an online poetry weekly showcase. Taken from our Moods Forum. Enjoy and give the author some love… or whatever you feel.

by RodBThere are many preconceived definitions of the word
Many can say it, but few have really heard
Many are judged by this word according to law
It’s even printed on our money… God help us all
We even set up funds that can even be botched
No matter how you add it up…You can never factor the cost
The cost of truth, honesty, and deeds
Simple enough to find reason to the means???
I thought I knew what this word meant until this special day
I put my value in it but still I was dismayed
So don’t take for granted even if you have added it up
No one can really estimate the value of trust
Such an easy word but few really know its value
So the next time someone says you can count on it being done
Know this one thing.God is the only one whom can claim that
Bar none.

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