Glen Scott – My Story

Glen Scott (born Glenvin Anthony Scott on 29 August 1973) is an award-winning British producer, arranger, mixing engineer, singer-songwriter, and session musician.

Glen Scott is currently living and working in London. He has worked with artists such as James Morrison, Mary J. Blige, Eric Bibb, James Blunt, Craig David and Backstreet Boys to name a few.

Music career
Early career
Glen Scott was born to Jamaican immigrants, his father a reverend and mother a teacher.

Glen Scott’s early years were spent in North London where he was exposed to music at a very young age through his father’s church. By the age of 11, he was playing both the Hammond organ and drums. At the age of 16, he began touring the world and recording with Dr. Robert from New wave Pop Rock band The Blow Monkeys.

1994–1999: first publishing and record deal
After being extremely active as a young session musician in London, Glen Scott’s songwriting and artist career began some 5 years later when he signed his first publishing deal with BMG at the age of 21. In 1996, he met up with Swedish producer and songwriter Martin Terefe and formed a songwriting partnership.

In 1997 Glen Scott signed a record deal with Sony Music/550 Music in New York City and in 1999 released his debut album Without Vertigo.

In October 2012, Glen Scott joined a community of talented and diverse writers, composers, session musicians and producers at Kensaltown Studios, West London where he currently resides.