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Review of Keite Young

By Detrel Howell
Hidden Beach has never presented an artist lacking in talent or creativity. And they certainly did not stray from that formula with the much-anticipated release of Keite Young’s debut album, The RISE and FALL of KEITE YOUNG. His sampler, carefully sprinkled to various members of the media and music industry sometime in 2006, caused just the stir it was supposed to, leaving folks curious about what was to come. What has arrived is a full album that is a terrific blend of well-written tunes and funky beats.

The RISE bears a sound reminiscent of Van Hunt, Sly Stone and Prince – with an interesting fusion of blues, psychadelic funk, rock, soul and pop throughout. The song “If We Were Alone” features a welcome guest appearance by N’dambi, a vocal powerhouse in her own right who is overdue to release additional material of her own. “Shine,” a song that speaks volumes to independent spirits whose desire is to live out their dreams on their own terms, displays a clever use of percussive instruments. On “thinkuboutmi,” Van Hunt immediately comes to mind as Keite’s hushed, sensual tones make their way through the speakers. The finale comes in the form of a song entitled “Pressure,” which comes alive as the in-studio jam session brings out the very best of the assembled cast of musicians. This song is ideal as Keite exits – stage right – leaving the perfect impression on a very satisfied audience. The gifted Keite Young is able to take and make varying styles of music all his own.

The wonderful news about The RISE and FALL of KEITE YOUNG is that there are no misses on this collection. There is certainly something here for every music lover who can reflect and recall the good feeling days of psychadelic funk, creatively blended with a sound that can be appreciated by audiences today that are thirsting for versatility. Highly recommended.

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