The Original Jill Scott from the Vault Vol. 1 (Deluxe)



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  • 3-Time Grammy Award Winner
  • 3-Time Soul Train Award Winner
  • 4-Time Lady of Soul Winner
  • Has performed both her music and poetry at the White House
  • 3-Time Soul Train Award Winner
  • Who Is Jill Scott named the Greatest Soul Album Of The 2000’s (

Jill Scott was born on April 4, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised as an only child by her mother and grandmother. She discovered the poetry of Nikki Giovanni in the 8th grade and was majorly inspired by her work, with Scott later enjoying writers like Octavia Butler and J. California Cooper as well. She also developed a passion for music and singing, taking to certain jazz and soul greats and learning the craft largely on her own. Scott worked as a poet and attended Temple University with the intention of becoming a teacher, but left school to take up a drama apprenticeship. She landed a part in a Canadian touring production of Rent, but, finding the repetition of a staged musical creatively stifling, left the show in 1999 to focus on her own projects. Jill is an artist with an abiding, deep commitment to lyrical honesty and musical integrity. Simply put, if Jill Scott feels it, she writes and sings it. While vivid imagery and metaphor analogy are her stock in trade, there’s no pretense, no hiding. She’s upfront, in your face, always real, using her own distinctive poetry to breathe life into words, digging inside to bring forth the accompanying emotion. It is that authenticity that has endeared Jill Scott to everyday music buyers who hear what she’s saying through her music and respond according.

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