Mike Phillips Tour Dates

Mike Phillips tour dates

Jill Scott 'A Long Walk' Jazz Jeff Redux (Free Download)

Jill Scott 'Can't Explain' Ca$e Boogie Remix (Free Download)

FlashBack: Hidden Beach Recordings Presents: Unwrapped Vol. 1

Hip-hop has been mistaken for many things and it is unlikely that hip-hop, even in its most commercial forms, has ever been mistaken for “smooooove” jazz. Obviously no one has ever explained this to Steve Mckeever and the Hidden Beach label which assembled an all-star collection of session musicians, including guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr [...]


To say that Hidden Beach Recording’s first official event to solidify the 15th Anniversary of its existence and the transitioning in to what we now know as Hidden Beach Experiences was a success would be an understatement. Yet UNWRAPPED™ LIVE! ORLANDO, the 1st of many experiences to come was just that. With the 1st show being sold out [...]

Re-Mastered: Kindred The Family Soul "Far Away" HD