Naturally 7: Behind the Scenes in Australia – First stop: PERTH!

Perth Image 1

From April 23 to June 2, Naturally 7 has found themselves down under in Australia & New Zealand! They will be performing in multiple cities in Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sidney, and Brisbane. In addition to this, they’ll also be performing in Lorde’s hometown Auckland, New Zealand!

Perth Image 2Roger rehearsing…. Is this a Guitar or Bass? Maybe Hops should help him out!

With so many performances, the guys had to find some downtime. Since Perth is popular lately due to unfortunate news, the guys decided to do show Perth’s DELICIOUS side. Did you know Dwight’s favorite thing is fishing? Imagine fishing in the Indian Ocean!
Perth Image 3Garfield, Dwight, and tour manager, Chris, showing off their amazing catch!

Perth Image 4Not only do they catch the fish, they cook it too!

Perth Image 5Now we know they can sing, fish and cook too! Wouldn’t you want to be stuck on an island with Naturally 7?




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