Monday’s Moods.
This is the first poem for our Monday’s Moods online poetry weekly showcase. Today we kick it off to celebrate National Poetry Month and we are proud to present a poem from our Moods Forum. Enjoy and give the author some love… or whatever you feel.

Big Brown Eyes
by Bluemother

Big brown eyes….you LIED.
Said I was your only woman…not your “BIT ON THE SIDE”
Your future, your wife, your lover, your LIFE
Truth is apparently your life was in fact a DOUBLE LIFE.

Big brown eyes….you LIED.
Promised you I was “DOWN TO RIDE.
Your other life, future, wife, lover
with her you made our two children a BROTHER.

Still I remain blinded by your LIES,
Binded by your TIES,
FOOLED by the highs….

Big brown eyes,
I’m saying my goodbyes,
Walking away,
While I still have my PRIDE.

You can lie,
You can cry,
You can shout,
You can ask WHY?!
Just look in the mirror, into those LIES!

*These poems are the works of the author noted above. If you would like to submit a poem please post one in the Moods Forum. Thank you.

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