“Big Brown Eyes”

Monday’s Moods.
This is the first poem for our Monday’s Moods online poetry weekly showcase. Today we kick it off to celebrate National Poetry Month and we are proud to present a poem from our Moods Forum. Enjoy and give the author some love… or whatever you feel.

Big Brown Eyes
by Bluemother

Big brown eyes….you LIED.
Said I was your only woman…not your “BIT ON THE SIDE”
Your future, your wife, your lover, your LIFE
Truth is apparently your life was in fact a DOUBLE LIFE.

Big brown eyes….you LIED.
Promised you I was “DOWN TO RIDE.
Your other life, future, wife, lover
with her you made our two children a BROTHER.

Still I remain blinded by your LIES,
Binded by your TIES,
FOOLED by the highs….

Big brown eyes,
I’m saying my goodbyes,
Walking away,
While I still have my PRIDE.

You can lie,
You can cry,
You can shout,
You can ask WHY?!
Just look in the mirror, into those LIES!

*These poems are the works of the author noted above. If you would like to submit a poem please post one in the Moods Forum. Thank you.

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