About This Album

Jill is a revelation magnet. Whether in concert, recording a song, writing, acting or simple conversation, Jill provokes epiphanies in the people around her (“epiphany” ironically was one of Jill’s choices for the title of her debut CD.) Perhaps it is because she’s so excruciatingly honest and unafraid to air her true feelings that listeners recognize and awakens some of those same truths inside themselves.

From the very beginning, our mailbox, website and phone lines have been inundated by folks touched by Jill’s work sharing story after story of the personal epiphanies her creations has caused. There have been numerous emails and letters from folks sharing life changing memories crediting Jill’s music as the source of their revelations. In one particularly dramatic story, a woman wrote describing herself at her windows ledge trying to muster the strength to jump, when, at 3AM in the morning, “GOLDEN” (the 1st single from her last effort, “Beautifully Human”) pierced the airwaves from a small clock radio causing her to step down. Remarkably, this is not the only aborted suicide attempt letter associated with Jill recordings that made its way through our offices.

Obviously, not all communication regarding Jill’s gifts concerned matters of life and death but a great many dealt with some of life’s most serious matters. For example, a wife wrote that Jill’s 6AM performance of “The Fact Is (I Need You)” on the Tom Joyner Sky Show, was the catalyst for she and her husband to reconcile and abandon the divorce proceedings that were to begin the same day.

We’re proud of all the evidence of those who have dug a little deeper and have found those truths, both painful and joyous, tucked within every carefully selected note and word on her offerings. This third studio project is no different than those that have preceded it. One difference however, is that the author is now a little older, a little wiser and now chocked full of experiences making it difficult to see the world in neat nuanced black & white.

During the process of the completion of this record, Jill experienced some of life’s highest highs and lowest lows. She embraced these peaks, valleys and everything in between, and translated them into words and sounds like a geyser takes stagnant water down deep beneath the surface and turns it into a brilliant aerial display.

Jill was so prolific during this period that the almost daily conversations and iChat transfers of the day’s previous works was like finding brand new presents under the Christmas tree well after the usual holiday season. For example, Jill found some rather mean folks spewing negativity about her in a forum on the Internet. She sat and read every single comment and instead of sitting down to post a reply, she took that energy into the studio and Voila! “Hate on Me” appeared, in the basic form as contained in this recording what seems like the very next day. There’s a similar story for every song on this record. In a sense, all the selections here are rooted in truth. Within these truths shared by Ms. Scott, we believe there are many more revelations for her listeners to come.

At the moment that this project is being sent to the plants for production Jill is thousands of miles from her Philly home, in Botswana, on the set of “Number 1 Lady Detective Agency”. At this moment she is working grueling long days as an actress with virtually no free time and is not making “music”, nevertheless the observations and revelations that characterize her recordings keep coming. Just the other day in discussing her Botswanian experience, Jill revealed her own revelation on how her North American perspective had framed her reference in ways that now, living abroad has been shattered. Noting how she will return to the States a forever changed person for the experience she pointed out how in Botswana there is no translation for “bastard” and delights at how the natives there laugh at the “silly” notion of a “fatherless child.” When seeking the translation. “For how can one be born without a father?” she heard over and over and now agrees, as we all must, that indeed this easily accepted notion is actually a strange concept.

One thing is for certain; Jill’s revelations such as the Western notion of a “Bastard” will likely find themselves in a song and will inspire listeners to personal revelations of their own.

THE REAL THING is chocked full of such moments and we hope it not only fulfills you with a lifetime of pleasures but may also inspire some revelations of your own until the next round being cooked up at this very moment in the original continent are served.

Steve Mckeever